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We have designed business pages that will make easy management of your business processes such as in-store or online sales, purchases, expenses, automatic payments reconciliations etc. No matter your business type or goods or services offered, we have got you covered. Our solution offers a wide range of business management software components such as Point of sale, Online store, Client Billing, Payments reconcillations, ERP modules etc. specific to different business types as indicated below.

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About Biznapages

Every business automation needs are different but the ultimate goal is to have competitive advantage and make profits. Having a functional, usable & effective software like BiznaPages, assures you peace of mind in automating & managing centrally your daily business processes.
Our focus is to provide a secured, robust & usable business management solution accessible through one's computer or phone. The solution can smartly & uniquely help any type of business manage & monitor daily sales at premise & online, check on stock levels, send SMSes to customers, C2B B2C payments integration with automatic reconciliation, generate easily invoices & quotations, record purchases & expenses, book customer appointments, automatically request customer feedbacks, budget, oversee accounts, manage production, undertake procurement, follow-up on assets, make in-premise & online bookings & orders,sell on SMS without computer or mobile interface, generate cyclic billing e.g rent & water bills, manage employees, on-purpose website design & mantainance and so much more inline with any business needs.

Management solution designed uniquely for each business type...

Products or & service selling business | Salons & Barbershops | Online Store | Cake Shops or Confectioners & Pasteries | Hospitality business | Vehicle selling & hiring | Transport industry | Filling stations | Products suppliers | Manufacturing industry | Agriculture industry | Rental Management | Medical & Vet Clinics | Professional services providers | ERP solution for Companies & Organizations | Business Website & applications | among others

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we will package for you a secured, unique & personalized business management software solution to get you started. Our software solution has complimented processes in many businesses & we are geared towards making your automation story a success for good with assured 24/7 online support.

Learn more for free what biznapages cloud business management software solution can help your business achieve by selecting your business category below...
Products selling business
Businesses that fall in this category include:- Retailers, Wholesaler, Suppliers, Pharmacies, Supermarkets, Kiosk, Beauty, Fashion, Clothing or boutique, Groceries, Butcheries, General hardware, Electrical, Electronics Shops among others.
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Salons & Barbershops
Businesses that fall in this category include:- Salons, Barbershops, Spa, Beauty & Fashion shops.
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Online Shop, Mobile appliation & Business Website
Manage your business processes through an integrated mobile application to track sales, deliveries and payments and also let your customers make orders online hussle free. Through your online store receive orders, bookings & communicate directly to customers. From your business website let your services be known to the world.
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Cake Bakes, Bakeries & Fruit Juice business
Businesses that fall in this category include:- Cake Shops or Confectioners, Pasteries, Bakeries, Fruit Juice parlours
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Hospitality business
Businesses that fall in this category include:- hotels, bars, restaurants, vacation rentals
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Vehicle selling & hiring
Businesses that are in these category undertake sell & hiring of motor vehicle, motor bikes & machinery
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Transport, Logistics & warehousing industry
Businesses that fall in this category are mainly involved in warehousing, Courier Services, transportation of persons & goods from one point to another through vehicles, taxi, matatus, boda boda among others
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Filling stations
Businesses that fall in this category are involved in sell of petroleum products e.g. petrol stations, gas and water
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Distributors & wholesalers
For proper management of supply business to other consumer businesses. The solution comes with integrated mobile application specific to business for all the users involved in the supply chain eliminationg paperwork.
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Manufacturing industry
Solution for businesses that use raw materials to get finished products for packaging and selling.
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Agriculture industry
Businesses that fall in this category include Agrovets, animal feeds shops & suppliers, animal feeds manufacturers & producers, hatcheries etc.
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Rental Management
For businesses that would like to manage Residential & commercial rentals, tenants and water billing
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Medical & Veterinary Clinics
Solution for human and animal clinics to manage patients admission, billing, appointments and records
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Professional services providers
For all businesses that offer professional services such as photography, consultancy, legal, engineering, construction among others
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ERP solutions for Companies & Organizations
Modules for management of sales, purchases, budgeting and accounting, human resource management, procurement, production and asset management. Learn more

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