Law Firm Management Solution

Get your law firm on the right track of technology.

  • Manage your law firm from your configured desktop, computer, tablet and phone.
  • Manage billing for all services offered
  • Case management and up-to date record keeping
  • Matters management and up-to date record keeping
  • Management of all legal services billed to clients
  • Document management
  • Client appointments with SMS reminders
  • Generate quotes & invoices
  • Customized workflow specific for your business
  • Payments integration for ease of use.
  • Manage accounts & budgets.
  • Assign users to play different roles in the system
  • Client management
  • Manage multiple branches.
  • Website & mobile app designs.
  • Plus so much more
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Manage all your accounts, expenses, wages in a simple way

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What businesses are saying

My bomb feature is case management work flow!

Anonymous Law firm owner

I love the fact that we migrated all our data from manual to digital.

Anonymous Owner

All matters are now recorded with perfect precision and I can legally follow wherever I am. Easy team management and tasks assignment.

Anonymous Lawyer