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Looking for a scalable business management solution to advance your business depending on your growing technological needs? We have designed smart customizable business pages that will make it easy to manage your business processes such as sales, purchases, expenses, simple accounting, customer billing, payments reconciliations etc. No matter your business type or goods or services offered, we have got you covered. Request the process you would like to automate & we will generate for you within minutes the page to help you manage it. Our over 100+ pages are geared towards helping you manage your business professionally & getting close to your customers as you continue to experience increased sales.


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Supported Businesses

Our platform supports the following business categories.

Retailers & Wholesalers

All product & service selling businesses

Salons & Barbershops

All businesses in beauty & fashion

Cake & Bake Businesses

Track productions & sales

Hotels & Bars

Manage all aspects

Property Management

Hussle free property management

Medical | Veterinary Clinics & Hospitals

Manage patients


Specific for consultants in all industries

Saccos & Financial Institutions

Customized Financial Management Systems

Academic Institutions

Manage any academic institution

Professional service providers

Enhance your service delivery processes

Manufacturing & fabrication Industry

Track production & sales

Filling Stations

Track the metrics

Law Firms

Law Firm Management

Transport Warehousing & Logistics

Manage & Track


Full ERP solutions

Management Pages
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Service providers

What businesses are saying

I am a delighted client. I was able to make all the sales using the system, keyed in new purchases and expenses of the day. I love it!

Roph Pharmacy owner

The system reports are just what I needed for my Rental Business Agency. I keep track of all my tenants hussle free.

Jose Rental Business Owner

My Veterinary business has become easy to manage....appointments, medicine, sales all handled at one point.

Dr. Job Veterinary Doctor