Manufacturing or Fabrication Industry Management Software

This is a typical description of businesses that manufacture or fabricate goods to be sold to customers either directly, online or indirectly. There is need to ensure the stock levels are managed at production and selling. How does your input relate to the output? We will give you all the answers.

  • Manage your production details on daily basis and print reports for the same.
  • Know your production or fabrication cost and your expected margin at a click.
  • Get a self-updating website or mobile app to ease your operations and improve on your online presence and enable easy access of your services by your customers
  • Product management and gallery
  • On point store management for your raw materials and products
  • Asset management option to log issues and expenses of machines.
  • Manage your business wherever you are on your configured desktop,computer,tablet and phone.
  • Mpesa receipt print out & customer contact building
  • SMS integration for marketing campaigns and customer feedback
  • Get free website or mobile app for your business
  • Manage daily sales
  • Generate quotes & invoices
  • Customized workflow specific for your business
  • Payments integration for ease of use.
  • Manage accounts & budgets.
  • Manage suppliers, raw materials and products.
  • Assign users to play different roles in the system
  • Customer management
  • Manage multiple branches.
  • View customized reports for sale, purchases, expenses, profit and loss indications etc
  • Plus so much more
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What businesses are saying


I can easily tell all my production at the end of each day and also determine my production cost

Anonymous Industry Owner

I like the reports esp profit and loss.

Anonymous Milk Business Owner

The sales are tied to my production. brilliant!.

Anonymous Industry owner