Medical Hospital / Clinic Management Solution

Owning a veterinary clinic or hospital? Or may be owning just a normal medical clinic? Get advanced management solution from Biznapages to ehnance your profession through technology.

  • Manage your hospital/clinic on your configured desktop, computer, tablet and phone.
  • Patient management.
  • Advanced queing system
  • Invoicing and payment management.
  • In-premise and online Appointments.
  • Medical records management.
  • Online access for your patients on your own branded app/website
  • Manage invoices, receipts, quotation
  • payment Integrations such as MPESA
  • SMS integration for sending reminders, marketing campaigns and customer feedback
  • Biometrics support
  • Support for different payment methods with support to integrate to various insurance payments
  • Get a self-updating website or mobile app to ease your operations and improve on your online presence and enable easy access of your services by your customers
  • Employee management
  • Plus so much more
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Patient management

Medical records & billing


Manage all your accounts, expenses, wages in a simple way for each property

Appointments & Reminders

Avoid paper work